Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Final Two Weeks in the Old House

We are getting down to brass tacks now, runs to the landfill every couple of days disposing of things I held onto for years in case "I might need that some day".  We have sold everything anyone would buy and given away other items to individuals and thrift shops and now, it's off to the landfill with what's left.  I am going to post a classified ad today for the remainder of my collection

and I am listing lots on eBay because they need to be gone in a week and I can't count on Etsy to accomplish that.

UPDATE:  I got a phone call about an hour after posting the classified ad.  A lady whose Mother collects vintage sewing machines came over and made an offer on the whole lot!  Her Mother's birthday is coming up soon and her daughter wants to surprise her.

I hope the classified ad I placed for my Singer 111W155 is as successful.

  I ran across these black Class 66 bobbins the other day and just listed them along with seven other items.  I will be furiously listing everything I can find in the next week because it all has to be gone by July 13th.

To see everything I have currently listed, click here All of Ed's eBay Listings