Thursday, August 29, 2013

Useful Tool for Servicing Vintage Sewing Machines

I learned of these curve-tip syringes on an internet sewing machine forum. Folks there were using them to hold oil and grease to service their old, all-metal machines.

If you service your own machines, you know that there are places you just can't reach by ordinary means.  For instance, there is a gear under the camstack on Singer 401/403/500/503/600/603 machines that NEVER gets greased because it involves removing the camstack.

Removing is not the hard part, it's re-timing the camstack after installation that's the time-consumer. For 20 years, I have been removing the camstack, now I learn that the gear can be greased in seconds using one of these curve-tip syringes!

The tip comes with a very small hole, you just snip off a little at a time until you get the size opening for the task at hand - small hole for oil, larger hole for grease.

I got so excited, I went out and bought 50 of them!  Because, at my age, I will never wear out 50 syringes, I am packaging them in lots of four syringes and listing them in our Etsy Shop for $5.00 per package.

The shop is brand new, so at this point we are shipping only to the U.S. but might expand that later, if business is good.  I also intend to list other new and used vintage sewing machine items in the future.