Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morse 4300

  A lady came into the shop today with an old sewing machine. She had been trying to sell it, then trying to give it away but found no takers.  It was so dirty on the outside of the case that Kathie told her we didn't want it either, but the lady wouldn't take no for an answer.

  When I lifted the lid, I found that the case had done its job and protected the Morse 4300 inside admirably. I have not found many Morses in this neck of the woods, so it was an unknown quantity.

  There was no rust and very little dirt inside and outside.

  In fact, it looks like the machine has seen very little use. It still has the white spool felts and the original gray bobbin winder tire. It came to me with the full box of accessories and even a straight stitch throat plate.  There is one tiny paint chip but that is the only blemish I have found.

  I suspect that the machine stopped sewing well and was put on the shelf for years or decades. I say that because the needle was installed backward.  I learned a long time ago that a sewing machine sews much better with the needle properly installed.

  A little oil and a fresh needle and the machine sews like new.  All the stitches work and tension is perfect.  I never got in the habit of naming my sewing machines, but if I did, I would call this one Buick Roadmaster - big, heavy, and a ton of chrome!

  An application of Tuff Stuff on the plastic lid brought it back to life in short order.  Next time Kathie sees it, she won't recognize it.

  Kathie tossed out another pair of jeans last weekend, I think it's time for another recycled jeans project using my new Morse.