Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I have had a couple of inquiries lately why I haven't posted in a long
time. I really am okay, it's just that life got in the way. My full time
job involves a considerable amount of travel and that travel has spiked
recently. One period, I didn't unpack my suitcase for three weekends -
just removed the dirty clothes, replaced them with clean clothes and
zipped the suitcase closed for the following week. I spent a week in
North Carolina, the next week in Orlando, Florida and the following week
in Tucson, Arizona. That has finally quieted down and just in time, as
you will learn if you keep reading.

My youngest daughter is graduating from high school this spring and we
have been doing all the things parents do when their child is about to
go off to college - college tours, orientation visits, and satisfying
all the administrative, medical, educational, and financial requirements
that go along with college application, selection, and entrance.  The
big rush will come later when we have to get computer, books, clothes,
and the hundreds of other things we can't get ahead of time.

But the biggest news and the most time-consuming in the last month is
that we are buying a quilt shop!  

The only quilt shop in the county was
on the verge of closing and came available at a price we could afford.

Stock is way down and so is customer traffic. 

We were shocked at all the
things required by the town, state, and federal governments: Federal
Employer ID Number, Workmen's Comp, federal and state unemployment
insurance, sales tax number, trader's license, occupancy permit, even a
sign permit to allow us to display a sign.

 Then there's liability
insurance, attorney's fees, and lease. Bank account, post office box,
credit card processor, website, phone service, Internet, and so many
other things necessary to running a shop. Because I still work full
time, Kathie has been taking care of the vast majority of the details
and is really stressed out. The only bright spot for her so far has been
meeting with the fabric reps and ordering many thousands of dollars
worth of fabric and patterns. Deliveries are spaced out over the next
six months but the first shipments have begun arriving and are piling up
in our living room waiting until the day we take over the business and
can re-stock the shelves.

I am hoping that the quilt shop will provide fodder for this blog in the
upcoming months because I plan to offer servicing of vintage sewing
machines. With luck, I will get my hands on some unusual machines that I
can photograph and write about, then return to their owners when I am
finished and won't have to find space to store them.

So don't give up, check back occasionally and things should pick up