Friday, May 19, 2017

Downsizing My Library

  Over the years, I have voraciously gathered every book I found on sewing machines.  Now it's time to divest. 

 I started listing my reference books on Etsy but I am finding that book sales on Etsy are slow and it ties up the item for 90 days or more.  In addition, I have no idea what these books are worth,  I don't remember  what I paid for them and I have had most of them on my shelf for decades, so their worth could have risen or fallen.

  Needing a wider audience and shorter timeline, I have begun books from my reference library on eBay.   I started these books with very low starting bids and no buy-it-now prices to let the market tell me what they are worth.  Hopefully, I will be shipping them out next week at this time.  

  These are all books I have never listed on Etsy, when they are gone, I will pull the books listed on Etsy and push them to eBay.

. I will try to revise this post as inventory changes to reflect only the items still available on eBay.  My Seller ID is edlam (kinda like bedlam with a missing 'b')


Sunday, April 30, 2017

More on Downsizing

   The clean-out continues.  Today, I dug out all my Singer "Top Hat" decorative stitch cams.  During my 45 years of collecting sewing machines, every time I saw a set of Singer attachments, I picked it up.  Also, many of the Singers I obtained came with attachments.  I was shocked at the number when I dug them out and arranged them in numerical order

   Also, I was amazed that with all those cams, I only have one complete set.  Noticeably missing is the Zero cam that produces the standard zig zag stitch on machines that do not have zig zag built in.  My only Zero cam is currently installed in a 403.

I never use these cams, All my sewing is straight stitch and zig zag with an occasional buttonhole thrown in so they will all be listed in my My Etsy Shop


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Downsizing in Preparation for Retirement

    As I approach my 72nd birthday, Kathie and I find that it is time to rid ourselves of our 5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, 3-story house and look for a home offering one level living.  We will list our home for sale tomorrow and have spent the last month "de-cluttering".  Because the next house will be smaller, we also must downsize our space-consuming hobbies.  Kathie will probably lose her longarm quilting machine and I have to find new homes for many of the machines, parts, tools, and manuals that I have been hoarding for the past 45 years.

    To that end, I have started listing in My Etsy Shop some tools, manuals, and parts that I would not let go before now.
   My goal is to list four additional items or lots per day until everything of value is gone.

   Because I don't know how much time I will have before I have to clear out this house, I plan to leave these items on Etsy for about a month, then transition any leftovers to eBay.  Anything that doesn't sell on eBay will go to the landfill.

    I also have a collection of miniature sewing machines that don't fit the criteria for Etsy.

They range from 1 inch high to about 4 inches high.  They are in as-found condition, some new, some used.  One with a bear has the bear broken loose and will need to be re-glued.  If you think you might be interested in this grouping, email me at