Saturday, December 03, 2016

Winter Clearance at OldSewingMachines

  We will be scaling back Etsy store operations shortly after Christmas as we head south for the winter. I will still carry a few small, easy-to-ship items but will not have access to larger items or my many parts machines for used parts. In preparation for the move, I have created a section titled “Clearance” and will place many items in that section to be discounted. Each week, on a random day, I will increase the size of the discount until the items are sold or we lock up and leave.  I will also add more items as I come across them.

  If you see something in that "Clearance" section you would like to have but think the price is too high, feel free to make an offer.


Thursday, December 01, 2016

Dual Needle Industrial Machine

A few years ago, I was making lanyards to sell at craft shows that required a double stitch and I picked up this 1951 Singer 112W140 to cut my sewing time in half.  As it turned out, the double needles were not spaced correctly for my project, so I picked up an eBay lot of gauge sets (presser foot, throat plate, needle clamp, and feed dog) to fit onto my machine.  About that time, demand for my lanyards dried up and I no longer had a reason to change the spacing of the needles on my machine and never installed another gauge set.

Here’s my problem:  When my auction lot arrived, they were all just thrown in a box.  Most of the gauge sets and individual pieces are unidentifiable.  As far as I can tell, they are all for Singers and I think I have 20+ full or partial sets.  The two in the bottom right corner of the photo are still wrapped in oil paper and apparently have never been used, many of the others also appear unused and none look like they would not be usable.

Some of the pieces bear Simanco part numbers but many do not have any part number.  Some, but not all are tied together as sets, some are in boxes with Singer model numbers (212W140 & 112W115) written on the boxes but I do not trust those markings.  The rest are just individual pieces.  I spent hours today on the internet trying to find a way to identify all the sets and pieces and match them to the model of Singer they go to so I could list them in my Etsy shop or on eBay but had no luck.  If anyone could provide, or point me to a source for identifying these parts, I would appreciate it.  If anyone wants any of them, I will make you a GREAT deal.