Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guess What's on This Week's Auction

I can't believe I have never seen one of these before and now I see two in two weeks!

  My first thought was that this is the same item on the two-weeks-ago auction that someone either didn't pick up or is trying to flip for a profit since the previous auction was "General Estate" and this week it's "Antiques and Collectibles" but I don't see the kneebar hanging down nor the second kneebar on the tabletop.  The sewing head appears to be in about the same cosmetic condition.  I tried to compare the scrapes and scratches in the two photos but that's difficult because the previous photo was taken from the front of the table and this one from the back. I do notice that the machine is backward, the needle end should be at the long end of the table, not the short end. -Ed


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Another cutie! Wish I was closer and could grab one of those. Sew cute!

Jonathan said...

Ed, this is a really handsome table. If I were lucky enough to find one locally I would buy it and refinish the table. I know I've mentioned that I own and love my Singer 185K - it's one of my favorite machines. I believe the Singer 99 is the same mechanically but I want a 99 just because I find the traditional black Singer machine in a 3/4 size so appealing. Thanks for posting.

Dawn Struck said...

Ok Ed here is my problem. Recently I was given a Graybar #1 (I believe). It came without a manual. It has the spindle bobbin. I have test ran it only by hand running it, sews nice stitches, next will be to plug it in. Do you know what type needles it takes and where to buy them?

Ed Lamoureux said...

According to the needle list at

the Graybar Vibrating Shuttle uses a 20x1 needle, also known as SY3241. They are abundant on Ebay, being marketed for about $2 apiece. The only commercial source I have found is where you can get a package of 100 for $55 but they only have size 18 and 19. -Ed

Anonymous said...

I was convinced it was the same machine/table at both auctions, but looking closely, I see they're different. The cord on the first one has plastic insulation and a rectangular power plug. The second machine has a cloth covered cord with a round power plug. I would not be able to resist that table/machine/case combo.

Just discovered this blog today and have been reading my way through from the beginning. I was in the middle of a week-long research-to-buy frenzy about the Singer 201-2, but this afternoon of reading has convinced me to take more time.