Monday, September 30, 2013

Jane's Singer 500 Part II

I swapped motors with the 503 and the 500 quieted down somewhat.  The problem now was that the upper lid would not stay open.  The spool pins on a Rocketeer are under that top lid, so if the lid keeps slamming down on the thread spools while you're sewing, your finished product is going to be compromised - if you don't just throw the whole machine out in the back yard.

I looked at the springs that hold the lid in place and everything looked fine

UNTIL I held the 503 lid next to the 500 lid and realized that a spring on the 500 is broken.  It's such a smooth, square break that it looked like it should be that way.

I cannibalized the spring from the 503 and the lid now stays up.  I wish I could swap the whole upper plate, complete with hinged lid but the 500 and 503 top plates are not interchangeable.

I still haven't threaded it and sewn anything, maybe this evening.

UPDATE:  It Sews!

It only required some major tension cleaning and adjustment - both upper and lower.

And here's what the "Parts Machine" looks like

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Jane M said...

This is so much fun to watch happen, Ed, almost like being in the operating theater.