Friday, November 15, 2013

Singer Stylist 533

A lady dropped this by the shop last Saturday. She had picked it up for her daughter and wanted it checked out before she gifted it.  It's easy to see why she was attracted to it, it looks pristine. The throat plate doesn't have a scratch on it!  Either the previous owner was very careful and never broke a needle or the machine was used very little.

Only two external issues - the spool pins and one deteriorated bed cushion.

The spool pins had been replaced with the wrong size and were loose in their sockets.  Easy fix, just press in the proper pins.  I had a replacement bed cushion in my parts bin and replaced the bad one.

Opening the top, I was surprised that there were no plastic gears up there, a timing belt transfers rotation from the upper section to the lower.

Then, I opened up the lower section. OOPS! Wish I hadn't done that.

  The formerly white feed gears are dark yellow.  They have no cracks or chips at this point, but once they turn color, it's just a matter of time.

The formerly white hook gear was worse.

It has turned brown and one tooth is chipped partially off. With any use, I predict this gear won't last another six months. I can buy replacement gears like the original but suppliers are now stocking gear sets with curved teeth that are supposed to provide smoother, quieter operation. I am anxious to try out a set of those new gears.

The Stylists are good utility machines, although a but stodgy in the styling area. Maybe Singer should have called them something else like Boxy or Clunky.  Their weak point is the internal plastic gears that are disintegrating with age. It would be nice to find metal replacement gears, then those Stylists would last as long as Singer's 66's.


Jonathan said...

I have a Singer Stylist 522 and a Singer Stylist 533. I know Singer made better machines but I like my 522 and 533. If the belt is in good shape, I think the gears are worth replacing.

These machines have the same internal belt set up as the Singer Touch & Sew 700 series. Unfortunately Singer didn't design the top horizontal shaft to come apart in 2 pieces (near the belt) to make replacing the belt easier. The top horizontal shaft has to be removed to replace the belt. Another case of planned obsolescence.

Jonathan said...

What was the final decision on this machine? Are you replacing gears or parting it out?

Ed Lamoureux said...

I gave the machine back to the owner to use until the gear gives out. In the meantime, I have ordered and received a replacement for the gear with the chipped tooth and will replace it when the old one fails. The mating gear appears to have already been replaced - it is white while all the other gears in the neighborhood are orange/brown. -Ed

Anonymous said...

i gave my mother a singer 533 that came with the flip op top back in the 70's it has passed around the family over the years and finally come back to mei have been trying to sell this thing now for 2 years and no one wants it the only thing wrong with it the presser foot is missing

Mali Campbell said...

Can anyone tell me if the Singer Stylist 543 and the Singer Stylist 533 have interchangeable parts with each other? They seem Very similar. I own both, but right now the 533 is the only one working, but I thought I would keep the 543 for parts. Thank You! :) Mali

Kris Dobbins said...

Where is the best place to buy replacement gears for a Singer stylist 533?

Kris Dobbins said...

Where can I buy replacement gears for a Singer stylist 533?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ed,
I've changed these plastic gears snd need to re time the needle and hook as well ad the feed dogs. Do you have any souces that help show how? I've tried and it's nit sewing properly anymore. There alot of dis-information out there
Carol said...

Can anyone help me with the adjustment settings on my Singer Stylist 533 to sew a simple straight stitch? I can sew a variety of zig-zag stitches but can't figure out how to change the knobs for a straight stitch.

Ed Lamoureux said...

Anonymous, Check out
for repair guides -Ed

Ed Lamoureux said...

Pamela, You can download a free instruction manual for your 533 at

Anonymous said...

I have a Stylist 533 and the thread guide on the front of the machine is broken. It seemed to stop sewing properly after this occurence. I cannot find that part online. Does anyone know if this little metal piece is available or interchangeable with another model? I really like my 533 and want to get it working again. It has been my only machine for about 40 years and my first purchase on credit as a young adult.

PyrHaven said...

Any chance you have a picture of what the bobbin tray (sorry, my brain has left for a cooler climate and I've forgotten the proper term) should look like? I have one of this, but cannot get the bobbin to stay put when trying to sew. It keeps popping out.

David Abineri said...

I have a Stylist 533 and am wondering about the workings of the Tension Release Pin. I can see that when it is pushed outward it will release the tension on the thread but I cannot seeanything on the inside that performs this action. Nothing on the inside of the machine comes in contact with the other end of this pin. Can you help me to understand how this is supposed to work?

Many thanks for your help.

David Abineri

Cazza Pridmore said...

Hi there does anyone out there have a centre tension stud for the Singer Stylist 533 or something compatible. Singer no longer make this part. Thank you.

Caroline Pridmore

Heather Dubreuil said...

I have a 533 and I love it....... but I am wanting to find more presser feet and other accessories but am having know luck any ideas where to look?

Heather Kitsch

Still Miranda said...

Any idea how to change the alignment of the needle? I must have knocked it out of place when sewing and now it's hitting the metal plate when I go to zigzag. I'm not talking about the left, right or center option, when the needle is in the center position it's aligned right and hitting both the presses foot and the metal plate. I know there is a way to adjust this internally via a screw or something but my husband and I couldn't figure it out. I don't want to bring it in to a shop and pay 70 bucks for this if I can do it at home. Any help is appreciated.

Ed Lamoureux said...

I don't know of an online service manual for the 533 but is a manual for several other Singer zig zag machines that might point you in the right direction. I would go to the back of the book page 125 for the 401 section, needle centering procedure is on page 142.