Monday, May 06, 2013

Singer 221 Featherweight

Today, a lady dropped off a Singer Featherweight to be cleaned and oiled. At first glance, it looks pretty good - decals are fairly complete, only a few paint chips on the balance wheel, I think it would clean up nicely.

Then, I tipped it over and saw that the bobbin case is missing and the hook is quite rusty.  I tried to turn the motor shaft with my fingers and learned it is frozen.

I took it home and removed the bottom plate and saw that very part made of steel is coated with rust.

When I called the owner to inquire about the bobbin case and to give her the $481 estimate for repair, she told me that the machine had been in her barn for about six months.  I think she needs to recalibrate her calendar. -Ed


Teresa said...

Hello, I enjoy following your blog and am wondering if you can answer a question for me. I recently caught the bug of fixing vintage sewing machines after pulling my old machine out of storage and got it running again. The intention was to get it running and pass it on. Well I'm to attached to it I guess so I'm now looking for a machine to fix up and pass on that I don't have an attachment to. I found a Brother 461 pink in the cabinet with the manual for 125.00. Is that a good price? Is there anything I should watch out for in this model? Thanks for you help.

Ed Lamoureux said...

The Brother Festival (461) is a 1960's Japanese machine. I like Japanese machines but the market for them is saturated and anyone who wants one already has one or more. I wouldn't pay over $30 for one in excellent condition with manual and accessories. -Ed

Jonathan said...

Wow!....a nice featherweight ruined!

Ed Lamoureux said...

Yes, but the body is in good shape - no corrosion and fairly complete decals. I'm hoping she will offer it to me and I will repopulate the mechanicals with those from one of my more cosmetically challenged Featherweights. -Ed

Unknown said...

I just picked up a Singer 1975,Fashion Mate Zig-Zag Sewing Machine/Model 362 with it built into a beautiful desk,its to me,a desk and you open it up and its a sewing machine tucked away in it,i didnt even no it had a sewing machine inside of it because it had a brass handle in the front which i thot was a drawer,,,and wen i looked it over,plugged it in,i was shocked to see that it runs so smooth and quiet,and the foot pedal is so easy to use,as in,the needle going so slow to the more you push on it the faster it goes,it was like i was pushing on a gas pedal in a car,the machine itself hasnt got any cracks,scratches,its all there,original,also the cabit is in beautiful shape,all the screws are original that hold the desk together,nothing within the whole thing had been changed,i even found the original instruction booklet inside as well,and even that is great shape,its not that cheap paper,its like the laminated feel to it.It ssys printed in Italy,and says if you need parts or questions to write a letter to their co.,in NYC
So,i have no clue if this is worth keeping or is it an everybody type of machine that everyone normally has,as in collectors or anyone that likes the older ones.
Thank you.