Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Singer 15-75

  I was in a local thrift shop a couple of weeks ago and saw a Singer 15-75. That was only the second one I had ever seen, so they are not that plentiful. The asking price was $75 and I have lots of straight stitchers, so I passed that one by but it reminded me that I have one tucked away that I got years ago.

 The 15-75 has the same reverse sewing mechanism as the 15-91 and the 15-125 EXCEPT that it is belt driven, rather than direct gear driven like its sisters.

  I didn't like the machine originally because it was too noisy but about a month ago I ran across the instructions for adjusting the shuttle cushion spring and I have been checking all my 15 Class machines for excess gap and correcting it.

The space between the tail of the cushion spring and the shuttle is supposed to be .010 - .014 inches, just wide enough to let thread pass through. Too narrow a gap and thread will get hung up; too wide a gap and the machine will be excessively noisy.  Every machine I have checked has a much larger gap and this 15-75 had about .12 instead of the .012 it should have. Adjusting the spring quieted the machine right down and it is now a pleasure to sew on it.


BB said...

Thanks for the tip about the cushion spring. Do you use a feeler gauge, or some other means for measuring that gap? Do you just bend the spring a bit to make the adjustment?

Jonathan said...

The Singer 15-75 is a handsome machine! Thanks for posting.

Ed Lamoureux said...

BB, I have not yet found a .012" feeler gauge that will fit in that area. In the meantime, I am using the thinnest paper clip I could find bent into an "L" to fit in the space.

It's way over .012" but considerably smaller than the existing gap.

Yes, you bend the spring to narrow or widen the gap. -Ed

Ed Lamoureux said...

Jonathan, Nothing wrong with the 158 Kenmores, they are solid Japanese-built machines. -Ed