Saturday, September 19, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

About a week ago, I was trying to sew some light cotton fabric with a ¼” seam on my Singer 31-15. The stitch would progress fine for a while, then the fabric would bunch up under the presser foot. Thinking the thread was getting caught somewhere under the throat plate, I tightened tension, increased presser foot pressure, checked for burrs in the hook area and everything else I could think of that would cause the thread to get caught and stop the fabric from feeding.

Almost by accident, I saw that one of the legs on the throat plate was broken away from the plate. When the presser foot was lifted, the leg came up into its natural position; when the presser foot was lowered, the weight of the foot pushed the leg down, leaving a rough surface on the plate itself for the fabric to catch on. One theory for the cause of this is that, in the past, the presser foot has been allowed to freefall onto the throat plate, rather than being gently lowered.

This not the first time I have had this problem, and that’s why I mention it here. I got a Necchi Lycia off ebay that had exactly the same issue. The machine worked very well, but fabric kept bunching up beneath the presser foot. Parts for most common industrial machines, like this 31 Class Singer are easy to find and reasonably priced – I got a new throat plate and feed dog set for $4.95 plus shipping. I don’t remember if I ever did find a replacement throat plate for the Necchi.


Laura said...


I am hoping that you could help me figure out how to thread the vintage industrial machine I picked up. Didn't even think of asking how to thread it when I picked it up, because I figured I would be able to do it since I've used a couple in the pass. No Way. I've had this sitting for about 9 months. H-E-L-P.
Please. It's a "Durkopp 207-5" serial # 20744868. I've looked high and low. Thanks Laura

Ed Lamoureux said...

That is a tough machine to find information on! I did find that it has a rotary hook and uses standard DBx1 needles. The only photo I could find was about 1" square, but it looks like a Singer 96-10, which also has a rotary hook and uses DBx1 needles. Try downloading the Singer 96-10 manual at and see if that helps.


This is me. said...

Tonight, I was given a Necchi BU Mira, 1957 with the original booklet of instructions, the original guarantee of bond dated 12/3/1957 and it comes with a little box full of spare parts and needles. It has a power cord but I don't see a foot peddle and it is in a Necchi cabinet.

I have been researching this machine and can not find much about it. Can you help?

Ed Lamoureux said...

Great machine, one of my favorite Necchis. The foot pedal is probably mounted up inside the cabinet with a lever that swings down to be activated by the operator’s knee. You already have the date of sale and the instruction manual, I don’t know what additional information you are seeking. Suggest you join the Yahoo Necchi Sewing Machine Club to bond with hundreds of Necchiphiles who love their machines. That is probably the largest reservoir of Necchi information in the world.


Laura said...

Thank you so much Ed, I really appreciate you taking the time to find the info you sent. I will go now to download and check it out.

Thanks again.