Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bernette MO-234 Serger

The other day, a friend gifted me with a Bernette MO-234 Serger.  She said it had just quit working and was making a "funny noise".  I don’t have enough experience with overlockers to agree to work on one for someone but she had already bought a replacement and just gave it to me to play with.

I put a few drops of oil here and there and threaded it up - it worked perfectly.  

Then, I made four Christmas stockings for this Fall’s craft show and there was never a hiccup sewing through four layers of fabric and two layers of batting.  The machine will probably take its place in my Rogue's Gallery of Unused Sergers, never to be used again.

At this point, there is really no reason to write a post about this machine but, here’s my first issue:

On the upper right corner of the machine is a tension assembly.  

That tension is not shown in any of the drawings of the machine in the manual and there is never any mention of it in the instructions. 

 I would say it is for winding bobbins, except overlockers do not use bobbins, so I see absolutely no purpose for that tension assembly.  Can anyone tell me why it’s there?

Second issue:  When I was opening up doors to check for lint deposits, a piece of translucent plastic fell out.  It is about two inches wide, three inches long, and 1/2 inch thick.

Again,  I find no mention of this part in the manual and cannot find a place it should fit.  How about some help there?  If this item was floating around inside the machine, that could be the source of the "funny noise"



Lisa Boyer said...

Blade guard?

Jessica C. said...

I have a 334D and have neither nor are they in the manual. How strange. I wonder if someone was trying to make use of the cone holder on the serger for a neighbor machine and DIY'ed a solution that would let them wind bobbins and sew?

My 334D is a tank that will plow through just about anything. A somewhat finicky tank at times but a tank nonetheless.

Natalia said...

along similar lines, a holder for extra (replacement) blades?

Jonathan said...

Very odd that there's a thread tension on the top of the machine and no mention of it in the manual. What year do you think the serger was made? It looks like a good one.

Anonymous said...

The extra tension on the top right is for rolled hems, by using it you do not have to adjust the tension, you thread as normal and use this one in addition too. It should have an extra plate for the feed dog area to use also.

r said...

It's for rolled hems.