Friday, September 04, 2015

Singer 6267

Yesterday, a friend gifted (cursed?) me with a Singer 6267.  She said it had been in storage for some time and then left in a hot car for a day and the next time she ran it, it was stiff and ran slow.  She replaced the machine and now, if I didn't want it, she would donate it.  It came with a goodly assortment of accessories and one of the two manuals.

Being a sucker for a free sewing machine, I took it home.  I cleaned lint out of the gear teeth in the lower section and oiled all the spots I could get to but cannot figure out how to remove the top lid.  If anyone knows the secret to that, please clue me in.  I was able to download the second manual from Singer so I could figure out how to wind a bobbin and remove the bobbin case for cleaning.

Anyway, it sews fine, all the stitches I tried worked fins and it sews with all the speed I would expect, albeit a bit noisy.

  The only thing I can find wrong is the slot to the right of the upper tension adjustment, where the thread is supposed to lie, is too tight for thread to comfortably fit in the slot, it has to be forced.  I need to find where to open up that slot.

I sewed a couple of quilt blocks for a pillow and everything worked as advertised.

The jury;s still out on whether I will keep this machine or not, it's newer and more complicated than the rest in my stable and it has the type of slide plate that folds back the seam allowances as you sew.  I can get used to lifting the fabric as a seam allowance slides across the bobbin cover but don't feel that I should need to do that, I have plenty of machines that don't require me to trick them into sewing well.  I do like the LOW BOBBIN warning light, too many times I have sewn seams with no thread in the bobbin.



JustGail said...

I'd love a low-bobbin warning also, although after15(?) plus years of sewing with the Viking, I'm finally learning it has a bit of a different sound when the bobbin is low. And paranoia makes me check more often.

How do they work? Is there a mechanical sensor? I don't imagine counting stitches would work very well unless you never swapped bobbins for different projects.

Jonathan said...

Do this machine take a class 66 bobbin or is it a wind in place bobbin? If I found one of these machines I'd probably buy it. I like that they can embroider letters.

Ed Lamoureux said...

JustGail, I believe the low bobbin warning light works by means of a photocell and LED. When the bobbin is full, the thread on the bobbin blocks the transmission of light from the LED to the photocell. The photocell can't see the light from the LED and keeps the warning light off. When the bobbin gets low, the photocell sees the light from the LED and turns on the light. The downside is that if lint or other obstruction block either the LED or photocell, the warning light will not work properly. -Ed

Ed Lamoureux said...

Jonathan, The 6267 uses a wind-in-place bobbin of the Centaur style. Of course, I don't have any of those and had to order some. -Ed

IShouldBeWriting said...

Make sure the presser foot is disengaged (up) when you go to thread the machine. I've been using my 6267 since buying it new in 1985 or 86, and it just quit last week. I've never had it serviced, but I clean it. A few years ago I replaced the foot pedal. The low bobbin light quit working on mine a long time ago-it's always on!

Anonymous said...

I have had this machine since 1988 - still works like a charm still.

Trudy Wagie said...

Can someone who has this machine contact me? 336-209-6071. The thread bunched up under machine and I think it has to do with bobbin area help please

Trudy Wagie said...

I have this machine. Thread keeps bunching up under material and now the thread is gathering under the bobbin hrlp