Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ankers Aweigh!

Ankers Aweigh!

In my effort to downsize, I have been culling through my stock of sewing machines with an eye to disposing any that don't please me.  I put this Anker RZ on the shelf years ago for some reason I couldn't remember and decided to break it out and make a final decision.

The machine had not been used in several years but I fired it up and sewed a test swatch.  It sewed beautifully!  I oiled it and sewed a larger project and find it to be one of the nicest machines I have ever used.  It is smooth, quiet, and strong and sews everything I have put under the presser foot without complaining.

I received my new camera today and am now able to get some good photos and don't have to rely on old cell phones for pictures to post.

It's hard to read the badge but it says "ANKER WORKS BIELEFELD GERMANY".

  Like all German sewing machines, it appears to be well-engineered and was probably an expensive machine in its day.

I particularly like the bobbin winder, it is designed like the old Singer winders with a finger that moves back and forth across the bobbin to ensure a smooth, even winding.

I haven't figured out what the pad is below the balance wheel, it is stationary and the only purpose I can imagine it could serve is as a pincushion.

That would keep owners from pinning a piece of fabric to the arm and scratching the paint with pins.

I think this one is a keeper, makes me want to dig out the Haid & Neu and give it a spin!



Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What a cute little machine. It looks 3/4 size.

Ed Lamoureux said...

No, it's the same size as a Singer 15, the proportions just make it look smaller. -Ed

Jonathan said...

I would keep that one too! It looks awesome! Does it take 15x1 needles? What type of bobbin?

Melanie Rowley said...

It takes a round shank needle, and those can be purchased from Germany, as I did this earlier this year, I have the machine too, and yes, that is a pincushion.

I have not been able to find a manual, only downloads.

But lovely machine.

Ed Lamoureux said...

The slide plate on my machine shows a 16x1 needle. Not having any 16x1 needles on hand, I checked the ISMACS Needle Cross Reference and fouind that the 16x231 (DBx1) is EXACTLY the same dimensions as the 16x1. The only difference I can see is that the 16x1 does not have a scarf and the 16x231 has a scarf. I installed a 16x231 in my machine and it works perfectly. 16x231 (DBx1) needles are probably the most common industrial needles, readily available in the U.S and cheap. No need to go to Germany for them. I can provide if you can't find them locally. -Ed

Bill Moretti said...

G'day! My name is Bill,iv got an Anker to ,I'm looking for an adjusters manual,anyone got or know where I can get one? Thanks! ;))

jadedserf said...

Das(that) ist(is) ein{en}(one) sexy machine! Sehr(very) toll (hip /stylish/ exceedingly cool)!

Couldn't resist going German in the comments; albeit badly executed German.

You have a very nice site with helpful sewing machine info! Nicely done. :)

Wunderbar online Geschreiben!

Phyllis in Iowa said...

My Anker RZ has a pincushion near the pillar, but the White "clone" does not. Both machines sew well.

SurfergirlZimmerman said...

Is a download my only option for a manual on my Anker RZ?

Surfergirl said...

Could anyone tell me how to load my bobbin?

C S A Rini said...

Do you know how to adjust the zigzag? Mine is very off center and hits the presser foot.

TheOldEngineer said...

Just ran across one of these at a local recycle store - my wife is entranced by it - I am a little more reluctant! We have a number of older Singer machines (several 99s, 221, 15 and a 301) so I have certainly gotten my hands dirty working on old machines. Any links to the manual (don't need original - a pdf copy would be fine).

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what size belt this machine takes and where can you buy one? A friend gave us her machine for our little group of women who make quilts for Lutheran World Relief. This machine runs so quietly we really want to get it up to speed.