Friday, April 24, 2015

Orphan Needle Plates

Today, I need some help.  Over the years, I have acquired hundreds of sewing machines.  Some of them are not worth rehabilitating, so I salvage usable parts and recycle the metal bodies.  I try to keep salvaged parts separated - I have a Necchi box, a Viking box, etc.  However, sometimes when I buy a sewing machine, especially one in a cabinet, there are parts in the drawers from the previous owner's former machines.  I also have been known to purchase lots of sewing machine parts on Ebay to get one or two needed items and taking the rest as "frosting on the cake".

Here are two throat plates that I an hoping someone will recognize and tell me what machine they go to so I can label and sort them.  Due to their rectangular shape, I am guessing they both came from freearm machines, but that may not be the case.  Both are photographed on graph paper with 1/4" squares to give an idea of size.  Neither has any manufacturer logo, name, or part number on it.

The first should be easy, if the right person sees this post.

 It has a sliding finger on the underside that slides right under the needle hole at one position and completely out of the thread path in the other position.  Looks to me as though it might be provide chainstitch capability.

The second might be tougher because it has nothing to distinguish it, like the sliding finger above.

  It is just a plain, rectangular throat plate with 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch marks.

Please let me know if you recognize either of these so I can remove them from the generic parts box and get them where they belong or find

someone who needs them.



Rosemary B❤️ said...

Hi Ed! I hope you are having a happy summer.
All of my machines (Singer 316g, three Featherweights, Singer 301A that you helped me with) are running great.
Now I found a Singer 15-91 I have to get running. The cords are all crumbly
I will get to that when I can.

Alicia Pritchard said...

Hi Ed, I am so happy to have come across you blog and was wondering if you might know where I might find hinge pins for my "new" 1950's necchi bu. When I lifted the machine to clean it the pins both cracked. I have seen suggestions for drilling out the machine so that singer pins will fit but I'm not comfortable with that idea. Any ideas or directions would be greatly appreciated.