Thursday, March 05, 2015

Folded Seams

I have been having a problem occasionally with seams folding over as they run under the presser foot.  Not all the time, just some of the time.

I have linked this phenomenon to a specific feature of certain sewing machines,  This Kenmore 17881

 And this Riccar Super Lite

cause the folded-over seams but the Singer 403 and the Pfaff 1222 that I have used recently do not.

I think I have the issue pinpointed to the configuration of the throat plates.  The Kenmore and the Riccar have throat plates elevated a bit above the surrounding surface

while the Singer and Pfaff have throat plates level with the surrounding surface.

The elevated lip of the Kenmore and Riccar throat plates catches the seam allowance and pushes it back as the fabric feeds across the plate.  When a seam approaches the throat plate, I have to lift the fabric up and physically push the seam allowance where it belongs, then continue sewing.

Now that I know that, I will not use those machines for projects involving sewing over seams.

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Lisa Boyer said...

Yes! I discovered that, too! I solved it on my Pfaff by simply putting a piece of blue painter's tape running lengthwise over the hump. No more seam flipping. I remove it when I'm done and there's no residue left behind. Love your blog.

EllenKR said...

I had the same problem with an old Kenmore and solved it similarly by using a post-it over the 'speed bump'.

Lynnwa said...

Yes, my New Janome 8900 does the same thing. Glad you brought this up. Lynn fabbead

Pam Mitchell said...

I think this post was posted incorrectly over at 'Hidden Treasures.'

Hope I am in the right spot now.

I just stumbled on to your site while doing a search for more info on this older model machine I have. I love your Blog and it has so many interesting links that you provide for searching for further information on related items. Thank you for all your hard work. I have a couple questions for you.

1. I have a machine from a older aunt who passed on several years ago. I haven't used the machine much over the years but now that I have 3 granddaughters my SEWING INTEREST has spiked !!!!!!! :) I hope you can tell we what the manufacturer is of this machine, and should I need additional feet, accessories, etc -- if they are still available and where to locate them. I have a picture of the manual with the photo of the machine on it..........where & how do I send it. The only thing I know is it is ZIG ZAG Model 1692. I keep it oiled and it sews wonderfully. I haven't ever used the decorative stitches but plan too.

2. Also, I have an older model necchi of my mothers in storage. She used it a lot and always bragged it would "out live" any machine because of it's solid 'metal inter workings'. LOL I do know that it needs to be rewired. I remember noticing the wiring from the motor looked frayed.... Is this something that can be done, or will it need a new motor and where does a person take it to; to have something like this repaired?

Thank you Mr. Ed for your help and advice.
Pam :)