Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pfaff 1222

I haven't attended the local Friday night auction for some time and I haven't bought a sewing machine in a while.  This week, the auction posted a photo of a Pfaff but, as usual, no description - not even model number which is prominently displayed on the front of the machine.  The auction site's photo was so small and fuzzy, I couldn't read the model number in the photo.

I went to the sale with the thought that, if it was a model with Dual Feed, I would bid on it.  I checked Ebay for comparables and arrived with a maximum bid in mind.  When I got there, I found an immaculate Pfaff 1222 free arm with Dual Feed.

 It had the instruction manual,

extension table,

 several feet,

 and three drawers full of notions.

Several potential bidders were closely examining the machine and I expected to be in for a fight if I wanted it.  As it turned out, all those other bidders wanted to steal it for pennies and I ended up with it for $85 - about 1/3 what they are selling for on Ebay and I didn't have to pay shipping!

Another surprise that accompanied the machine was an insert for a table to make the free arm more like a flatbed.

Unfortunately, neither of my tables with wells have the correct size opening.

  I may customize one of my other tables to take advantage of this accessory.

My purchase is just sitting in the garage right now and I am anxious to play with it.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice weather and I will plan to take it to my basement shop to clean and oil and see how it performs.

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Jonathan said...

Very nice. I'm not sure what you meant when you said "dual feed" ?

Pat Vigil said...

What a find! I have three machines one of which is my grma's featherweight. I'm afraid of becoming a "collector" but saw a Pfaff 1222 on Craig's list for 200.00. I'm tempted. Very tempted! I'm wondering what the biggest problem would be to look for...?

Iris Naderi said...

I found a couple of these on eBay and they wish to sell them untested because of the 220 volt plug. Is that what yours has? do you know if they can be converted to 120? Thanks for any information.

Ann from KY said...

I used to have one of these machines. I loved it! My daughter when she was three was riding her tricycle and she entangled the cord around her tricycle wheel and pulled the machine to the hard concrete ground. Yes, it was toast. Never have gotten another one but I really did like it.
I think the problem with these machines is the cams are made of a plastic. I think if they are replaced they sew for years again. I would still like to have another one. What a find!!

Tina said...

awesome! I just picked up this exact same machine with all accessories. It was my granny's and my aunt had been holding it for me.

Mary Washington said...

I'm looking for someone to show me how to work the Pfaff 1222