Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unknown Accessory

I was cruising the Goodwill auction site today and ran across "8 Pounds of Sewing Machine Accessories".  No one had yet bid and the starting price was $5.00 so I clicked on it to see what was there.

I recognize most of the items but two have me stumped.  Can anyone tell me what this is?

Or this?

The description says that they are mostly Singer and Kenmore accessories and I don't recognize these two items as Singer, so they are possibly Kenmore.  The white plastic composition tells me they are not really old, maybe from the 70's +/-.

It's just to satisfy my curiosity because while the $5.00 price was good, the $20+ shipping drove them out of my price range.  Maybe someone on the West Coast can use them.

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Sue Moreman said...

I do believe that the top one is a buttonholer for a Kenmore, I can't tell what the bottom things might be..

Elizabeth said...

They are Kenmore attachments. The first one is part of a buttonhole attachment. The second one is also part of a button hole attachment for a free arm Kenmore. Not likely the same, but could be.

Jonathan said...

3rd image is a button hole adapter. It replaces part of the the metal freearm bed of a 158.1946 when you want to use a button hole attachment like the one pictured in pic 2. The button hole adapter (pic 3) fits into the bed and has a tiny gear in it that connects to the button hole attachment you place over it.

Kenmore made a few freearm models with this metal bed. I think it'll work on a 158.1941 & 158.1946.

misha said...

hi. the first picture looks like a 70's era simple buttonholer and the other i think might be a monogrammer - both kenmore afaik. i similar ones but have not used them yet.

Accacia Mullen said...

Buttonhole attachment

marolsh said...

Hello Ed,
I believe the first item is a Kenmore buttonholer, probably late 60s. Typically supplied with cams and a geared plate to replace the slide plate, they made decent buttonholes. I think the large-ish piece in the second item is upside down, but it also looks kenmore-ish to me. They supplied monogrammers, so it might be one of those. They could have been conceivably made for a different distributor like MonkeyWards or JCPenney, who also offered sewing machines.

Curt Gruver said...

They are both parts of a Kenmore buttonhole setup. The second is upside down, and does work with a free-arm Kenmore. It replaces an identically shaped front bed cover on a number of 158.??? kenmores, and is worthless if you don't have the piece of the machine that surrounds the free-arm. I have several of these pieces, and just found a machine that I can actually use it on.

Pierro said...

Rosemary B here
Remember me?
I hope you are well and happy in southern Maryland
This is an interesting find, I agree, not worth the shipping
It all looks like 70's stuff... I think
I believe you have your answer above.

Anonymous said...

The picture with the part with the dial is a Kenmore part that is used to create a buttonhole. I purchased a machine with this part in 1976. A gift for myself at age 16. Money earned delivering papers.