Thursday, August 28, 2014

Presser Feet

About a week ago, a Necchi owner asked me to order her a set of high shank snap-on presser feet.  
  I ordered a set for her and thought that others might like the convenience of snap-on vs. screw-on presser feet so I ordered another set to try out with the intention of listing the sets on Etsy if they seemed of decent quality. 

While cruising Ebay today, looking to identify an orphan set of Necchi accessories, I ran across a couple folks selling the same set of snap-on presser feet (at $5-$10 above full retail).  In one description, the seller said that some buyers had asked if the feet came with instructions.  They don’t but the seller referred to a book in her shop telling how to use all sorts of presser feet.

That got me curious what the book might be, so I checked out her store and found no such book listed.  Then I Googled “Book how to use sewing machine attachments” and about the 5th line down was a link to the Singer website,  I clicked on it and I was taken to a page that has free, downloadable pdf instructions and video clips for all the major sewing machine feet.

You don't have to own a Singer to find these instructions useful, all sewing machines use basically the same attachments.  Most of the information is contained in the sewing machine instruction manual, but if you are missing your manual, here’s a place to find out how all those shiny doo-dads are supposed to work!



Ted Hobgood said...

Excellent resource for presser feet! I always buy up bags full of presser feet when I see them in thrift stores if they're inexpensive, and this'll help me figure out some of the odder ones. Thanks for sharing!

Jonathan said...

Ed, thought you had a high shank set of presser feet listed on your etsy site. Did you sell out?

Ed Lamoureux said...

I only had one set and they sold. I reordered but they were temporarily out of stock. They are back in stock and five sets are on the FedEx truck due to be delivered tomorrow. -Ed