Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ruff The Dog

I was looking for a project to test the No-Name Sewing machine and, about that time, Kathie brought home a block of the month pattern from her quilt guild meeting.  It is a cute looking dog pattern called "Ruff the Dog".

  So I gathered up some browns and whipped out a block.  "whipped out" might not be a true description because this pattern is a pain in the buttocks - there are 13 different pieces with really weird dimensions.  Only two of the pieces are duplicated, so you have to cut out all those pieces one at a time.  Anyway, I made the one block and told Kathie that I wasn't about to make any more.

  What the quilt guild does with these blocks of the month is give each block-maker a ticket for each block she brings to the guild meeting. Later, they draw a ticket and the lucky ticket-holder gets to take home all the blocks.  I told Kathie that she might as well throw my block in the pile because I would NOT be making any more.  You can probably guess what happened next - Kathie's one entry (the block I sewed) won and now I am the proud owner of 13 Ruff the Dog blocks!

  Now, I have to figure out what to do with 13 twelve-inch dog blocks.  A 3x4 block lap quilt is the obvious answer but I don't like to make quilts. Maybe I can smooth-talk Kathie into taking over the project. Or, maybe I will come across another orphan sewing machine and need a project to test it out.


Here it is.

Ed's Vintage Sewing Machine Shop

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You may have made the block, but, SHE is the one who won all the blocks. See, now you are off the hook. BTW, I would have paper pieced that block. Much easier.