Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I have cruised eBay for many years, researching and buying sewing machines. About once a year, a smaller version of a Japanese 15 Class machine shows up. They usually have cutesy names, like Margaret or Princess and they usually sell for about $75 – much more than a standard size 15 Class machine (and more than I am willing to pay). Last week, I noticed one that did not have a cute name and the dimensions were not noted in the description, but looking at the rear view, the motor seemed considerably larger than normal and the proportion of the throat area seemed odd. Not wanting to ask a question and tip off other bidders, I bid what I considered was a reasonable amount and ended up the only bidder at 99 cents! Shipping brought my total to just under $18.

UPS delivered it yesterday. The length of the bed is 12”, compared to a standard bed of 14”. The space from needle to vertical pillar is 5.75”, compared to 7” on a full size machine. Other than that, everything seems to be normal size, except the length of all the shafts. After cleaning and oiling, it runs smooth, but I haven't gotten around to installing a spool pin to test stitch. I will need to manufacture a base for it – it won't fit in a standard base or cabinet. Before I do, I will try it in a ¾ size carrying case from a Singer 99.


marigold said...

Ok Ed...now I am really curious...how many machines do you have? Do you use most/all of them? I constantly get asked how many I have and people think it is crazy...like they actually think ONE is enough?! Haaa... I also collect vintage toy sewing machines but they are getting way too expensive now to add to the collection.

I think I have 2 FeatherWeights,
6 301 machines, a 99, the Necchi, two Elnas, and I belive it is a 500 series Singer....is that called Rocketeer or something like that? It looks very 50's/spaceship-ey. I have had it serviced but have not had the time to sit and actually sew with it.
I also have approx. 13 toy machines all lined up on top of my shelves in my sewing room....which looks like some sort of quilting room cave...I love it! I even love the way it smells in there, all the sewing machines and the fabrics...mmmm!

Ed Lamoureux said...

I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 80. I purposely don't count them so I don't have to tell my wife how many there are.


bubs said...

i have 1 my nephew got it at a car boot ita a hand crank number on the right is F612345 thats on a metal long round ended plate what can u tell me about it please
it has a number of attachments and special screwdriver