Friday, May 19, 2017

Downsizing My Library

  Over the years, I have voraciously gathered every book I found on sewing machines.  Now it's time to divest. 

 I started listing my reference books on Etsy but I am finding that book sales on Etsy are slow and it ties up the item for 90 days or more.  In addition, I have no idea what these books are worth,  I don't remember  what I paid for them and I have had most of them on my shelf for decades, so their worth could have risen or fallen.

  Needing a wider audience and shorter timeline, I have begun books from my reference library on eBay.   I started these books with very low starting bids and no buy-it-now prices to let the market tell me what they are worth.  Hopefully, I will be shipping them out next week at this time.  

  These are all books I have never listed on Etsy, when they are gone, I will pull the books listed on Etsy and push them to eBay.

. I will try to revise this post as inventory changes to reflect only the items still available on eBay.  My Seller ID is edlam (kinda like bedlam with a missing 'b')